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New mortgages and re-mortgaging services for foreigners in the Czech Republic can be even more advantageous

99,7% of mortgage seekers can save their money with me!

If you really want to save time and money, do not hesitate and arrange a consultation and intermediation seeking a better solution.

Jsem HypoROBOT

 Are you interested in buying a property in the Czech Republic? Take advantage of HypoRobot services and arrange the necessary consultation for securing the best mortgage.

Because mortgages are my area of expertise, I have much better offers than you can get directly from your bank, online calculators or financial advisors.

You can acquire SUPER low-interest rates and zero fees or even a Stand-By Arrangement if you haven't selected a suitable property yet.

I will provide you with complete mortgage services that no bank can offer you. It does not end by signing the loan contract.

Your next step towards a better mortgage

All you need to do now is sending the necessary contact data via the following form before someone else beats you to it.

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Proč využít HypoROBOT.cz

1) I am not an online calculator, which only collect your contact data and sell it to anonymous financial advisors; moreover, the results from such calculators do not reflect reality. Rather, their purpose is to lure people into sending their contact data. I always provide my clients with tailor-made solutions that are presented during a personal meeting.

2) I do not try to charm the clients with unreasonable interest rates, which are usually conditioned by a short fixation period or a disadvantageous extra service you consequently have to pay for. I focus on real costs (APR).

3) I have an up-to-date overview of the offers provided by banks, building societies, and some non-banking companies.

4) I ensure complete mortgage services, covering initial consultation, calculations and mortgage cost comparison, negotiations with the bank, the fulfilment of conditions for money payment, and safe and cheap repayments.

5) I can provide better counter-offers if you are already dealing with your bank. You can make sure you get the best solution. I can negotiate a better settlement at your home bank, so you can easily save time and money.

6) I can secure the loan even without a property. You can search for it for even a year and still have the original conditions and interest rate.

7) I can provide business discounts and also refund some fees. For my clients, I pay, for example, charges for applications for registration the Mortgage Agreement in the Land Registry. 

8) With me, you know everything necessary in advance; how to proceed and who shall arrange particulars etc. However, I can do most of the tasks myself. You also know in advance what matters will be addressed, how and why.

And last but not least, I have a lot of other benefits and rewards for my clients.


Petr Pařízek - Intependent mortgage and loan specialist

E-mail address



Okružní 2054, Nymburk

IČ - Company Identification Number

711 07 762

Independent broker

M&M finance company s.r.o.

Podmínky využití

Terms of use of the HypoROBOT.cz

1. Broker Petr Pařízek, Company Identification Number: 71107762, registered office at Okružní 2054, 288 02 Nymburk, hereinafter referred to as the “broker”. Petr Pařízek is a Tied Agent and an Independent broker of M&M Finance company s.r.o. and holds a certificate for the intermediation of consumer housing loans (formerly known as mortgages) and consumer credits. He acquired the licence based on successful passing the proficiency tests according to the conditions and under the supervision set by the CNB.

2. People interested in obtaining consultation and intermediation services for consumer credit or consumer housing loans (hereinafter referred to as the “mortgage”) must be of legal age.

3. The applicant shall express their interest in the services of the broker by filling in the form at www.hyporobot.cz and sending it. Subsequently, the broker himself or a person authorised by him shall contact them by telephone, and further steps shall be agreed.

4. By sending the request form, the applicant agrees with the processing of personal data provided in the form and expresses their consent to receive commercial communications, individual offers and calculations to the E-mail address specified in the request. Moreover, the applicant hereby confirms truthfulness and completeness of data provided. The broker reserves the right to process requests containing complete information preferentially.

5. The applicant shall cooperate with the broker. It is the only way how to ensure an adequate and full intermediation service., in particular, by providing information and documentation necessary for processing the request and ensuring the service.

6. Mortgage or consumer credit intermediation cannot be legally enforceable, nor is there any legal entitlement to them.

7. The brokerage of mortgage credit or a mortgage is for free. Should the applicant withdraw from the negotiated application, the bank may, however, request compensation for the provided estimation services if they were paid by the bank and additional necessary costs incurred.

8. Interest rates rely on the current offers of providers, discounts obtained, and negotiations of conditions.